“I’ve been to chiropractors practically my entire adult life. Dr. Carpenter is the only one who has been able to adjust me consistently. His expertise has kept me from having cervical surgery. His entire staff is awesome. Love this place!”

Cindi P.

“These people are awesome! I used the Groupon for a 1 hour massage, 2 x-rays, and consultation with the chiropractor. I was not disappointed. I have an autoimmune disease that messes with my joints but after my massage, I felt like I had a new body. So relaxing! I haven’t felt this good since before I started having joint issues. The chiropractor was very knowledgeable and very professional. I felt like I was in good hands.”

Emily B.

“The staff was friendly and professional; what a refreshing change in light of the modern trend of non-customer. They are also as apt to provide service regardless if one has insurance or not. I would highly recommend this business.”

Luke W.

“I absolutely love this place! As soon as I walked in there was a sign with my name on greeting me. It’s very homey inside. The workers were so friendly and happy. I’m telling all my friends about this place. It’s over an hour away for me, but it’s so worth it! I can’t wait to go back!”

Lee M.

This is the ONLY office that I would ever recommend and trust for our family and friends!

“Dr. Carpenter and staff are the most compassionate and attentive healthcare office that I have ever experienced. They listen to my concerns, address my questions and always keep a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their office.

This is the ONLY office that I would ever recommend and trust for our family and friends!”
Sonia M.

Chiropractic made my life wonderful!

“I was introduced to chiropractic when I was a teenager back in the 80’s. I have had back problems most of my life due to how tall I am. Chiropractic has eased my pain and made my life wonderful.”
Robert A.

Dr. Carpenter saved me from a life of arthritis!

“I have had headaches and neck pain for what seems like forever. My parents brought me to Dr. Carpenter. I had tried over-the-counter pain medications, but I noticed improvement right away when I started doing traction in Dr. Carpenter’s office. “Dr. Carpenter saved me from a life of arthritis!”
Amanda W.

Do yourself a favor and Become a patient

“It feels lame to give this establishment 5 stars, when they deserve 500. I could not even begin to explain how amazing LSC is! If you want a Chiropractor Office who is full of the most compassionate and professional people on the planet, do yourself and become a patient. I recommend them to everyone I know. Do yourself a favor and become a part of the family. Your back, and quality of life, will thank you for it!”
Meagan S

Right away I felt a difference!

“My family had used chiropractors before. Neck pain and headaches brought me to this office. Right away I felt a difference, and I am so glad a friend recommended this office to me. Dr. Carpenter and all his staff have been wonderful.”
Jessica M.

Lexington Spinal Care has changed my life!!!

“I have been coming here for 3 months. Fibromyalgia and back pain brought me into the office. I have seen many types of doctors to try to manage my pain from the last 10 years. I am only in my 20’s and felt like an old lady! I could not lay in bed to sleep, was always up all night with a heating pad and pain meds, would go back to bed and then need my husband’s help out of bed, which would be a 30 minute process that involved screaming and crying in pain, followed by clinging to the walls in order to walk to the couch or shower. I work a very physical job, so i would need hours of heat and rest before leaving for work. I would take too much pain meds and was still in SO much pain. I found Lexington Spinal Care, and after X Rays I could actually see a problems causing pain. After a couple of months coming 2x a week, I was having more and more days without pain. I now have 90% less pain. This pain was something I thought was for a lifetime, which gets very depressing. I never thought I would be able to live mostly pain free (without no meds)! Please, anyone struggling with Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain, give Lexington Spinal Care a try! It has literally Changed my Life.”

I feel great!

“I recommend Chiropractic to everyone. For about a year, I had back pain and a tingling in my left leg. I saw my regular doctor for it, but he couldn’t help me. About three weeks after I started seeing Dr. Carpenter, it went away. “Dr. Carpenter is wonderful. I can move and sit straight. I feel great!”‘
Vicky S.

You arrive as a patient but leave as family

“I can’t imagine where I would be without Dr. Carpenter, Julie and the rest of the gang. I no longer experience the constant back pains that plagued me on a daily basis. Everyone goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the best of treatment. You arrive as a patient but leave as family.”
Tabatha B.

This practice is nothing like the Joint!

“I have had chronic back pain for over 8 years l, and have been to many chiropractors when the pain became unbearable. I found Lexington Spinal Care through a Groupon offer last November. I cannot put in words how much I love this practice. Every staff member is warm and personable.

Dr. Carpenter remembers each of his patients personally, and provides specialized treatments only after he has seen X Rays and done a comprehensive exam. This practice is nothing like the Joint where you are brought in, cracked in every location, whether you need it or not, and escorted out.

Mary Lou is also an excellent massage therapist at this office. She provides a very relaxing and restorative massage, and has the perfect demeanor for a massage therapist. I have always felt very comfortable around her professional attitude.

I can’t speak highly enough of how this practice has improved my day-to-day life, and I always look forward to seeing each of the staff when I come in for treatments. They treat everyone like one big family”
Pam S.

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