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$47  Comprehensive Chiropractic Examination, including 2 X-rays, if needed.

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We carry many products to help you maintain your health naturally, without the use of harmful drugs, or the risk of surgery.

Biofreeze, an all-natural topical analgesic, is available in tubes, in spray form and by roll-on application. Please check with our front desk to see which type would best suit your needs.

DeeCee Labs is the manufacturer of a number of the supplements that we carry. Formula 303, a pure and natural form of Valerian root, is available in 45 and 90 tablet bottles. Many of your daily vitamins are obtained from DeeCee Labs, because of their proven use of only the most natural ingredients, without unnecessary additives or preservatives. Check out our competitive pricing on all your vitamin needs - from Vitamin C, to Glucosamine...DeeCee and Lexington Spinal Care have it all!

Core Products pillows come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your own needs. Bring your current pillow to our office and receive a free fit recommendation from Dr. Carpenter today!

Foot Levelers Orthotics, Posture Pump Traction Units, Matlin cervical devices, and many other therapeutic items are available for home use. Feel free to check with any staff member to see if we carry your favorite products... if we don't, we will try to arrange receipt for you.